PPG latest Minutes


Notes of a Meeting of the Ivy Medical Group Management Team and the Co–Chairs of the Patient Participation Group

Virtual Meeting by Team Windows

Tuesday 9th March 2021



PPG Co-Chair

PPG Co-Chair

Dr Panesar GP, Ivy Medical Group

Melanie Maddock Practice Manager

Victoria Hann Deputy Practice Manager


1. Welcome

The PPG Co-Chair gave a warm welcome and introduction to the Practice Manager and the Deputy Practice Manager.

2. Covid Vaccination Update

Dr Panesar explained that the Vaccination Programme is being run by the NHS Locality Team and this included the need for Home Visits for patients who are unable to get to any of the Vaccination Centres. Details about the programme and how to apply are available on the Locality Team website or by phoning 119. He understood the PPGs concern that patients attempts to get through on the phone were often unsuccessful and undertook to pass this on to the Team to see whether access could be improved.

The practice have started to monitor which practice patients have had the first vaccine and are pleased to find that less than 100 of patients over 65 have not yet been vaccinated.

3. Communication

The meeting recognised the need to keep patients informed of developments in these difficult times and discussed how this might best be achieved.

It was agreed to draw up a newsletter which could be made available on the practice website and village Facebook pages. In addition, the village pharmacies would be approached to explore the possibility of issuing it alongside patients’ medication, both in the pharmacy and when delivered, in order to reach patients who do not have access to on-line facilities.

4. Patients Concerns

Dr Panesar accepted that regular activities, such as shingles, pneumonia and other vaccines together with well person checks had been paused in order to cope with the volume of work arising in dealing with the pandemic, but it was hoped that it will be possible to bring these back again very soon though those overdue will need to be spread over a period. Coping with the Covid menace had inevitably meant that some things had to be set aside.

The surgery clinical staff and practice staff have also been victims of the Covid epidemic and, regrettably, at one time appointments had to be cancelled at short notice. By the use of telephone reviews, the practice tried to have contact with as many patients as was possible. All the clinicians are skilled in the use of telephone reviews and video links. Therefore, the use of such calls has been explored. Lambley Lane surgery has just introduced the use of Microsoft Teams to reach patients. Anyone with an urgent need to see a doctor is always seen that day.

The provision of blood test results for patients to assist private consultations raises difficult issues and the practice cannot provide the practitioner direct. However the practice is willing to meet patients half-way by making a copy of the blood test available at reception.

Because of the high number of Covid hospital admissions, many hospital staff are diverted to other hospital activities, the result of which is that referrals and

enquiries from GP practices may take longer to get a reply. Hopefully, as the number of hospital admissions fall, things may return to normal. 

5. Any Other Business

Work is continuing to achieve improvement in telephone access to the surgeries. The practice knows the system that is wanted, but this cannot be installed until contract issues with the present suppliers have been resolved.

The provision of notice boards for PPG news at each surgery site will be established.