FAQ on the future of services in the Lowdham Building
~ 4 months ago
11 November 2022

Frequently Asked Questions on the future of Services in the Lowdham Building.

What is happening to the Ivy Medical Group? 

Your GP registration will remain at the Ivy Medical Group, and rather than accessing face to face services at the current Lowdham building our Burton Joyce buildings will be available for your appointments and use. We may also have temporary sites that will be available to patients to access in time in the Lowdham village.  

Why are these changes happening? 

Due to the condition of the building and safety concerns, the Ivy Medical Group have decided that it is in the best interests of their patients to withdraw from the Lowdham Practice site and provide services from the Apple Tree Medical Practice and The Lambley Lane Surgery in Burton Joyce. 

Will there be any changes to the Burton Joyce practice opening hours? 

No, at present, the opening hours of the surgeries will remain the same:  

Apple Tree Medical Practice, 08:15 – 18:30 Monday to Friday. 

Lambley Lane Surgery, 8.15 – 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:30 except Thursday afternoons where the site is closed after 13:00. 

Will I still see the same doctors/nurses/dispensers/practice receptionists? 

Yes, you will still see the same practice staff that you currently do, but you will also meet members of the team that work at the Burton Joyce sites.  

Will the contact number be the same after the change takes place? 

Yes, we have one access number for the practice, and this will not change, 0115 9312500. 

Do I need to re-register with the Burton Joyce practices? 

No, there are no changes to registrations and no interruption in your care. 

I had an appointment with my doctor/nurse at the Lowdham practice and was told to come back in six months for a check-up. What should I do?  

If you have been advised that you need a check-up appointment, please call the practice team who will make that appointment for you.  

What should I do if I have a routine appointment booked with a GP, Nurse or other healthcare professional? 

You do not need to do anything. If you have an appointment booked at the Lowdham site, the practice team will contact you.  

What should I do if I need an urgent on-the-day appointment or home visit? 

Please call the practice in the normal way (0115 9312500) to book an appointment or request a visit. 

What should I do if I need a repeat prescription? 

If you have a repeat prescription that you usually request at your GP practice, this will not change, and you can use our buildings in Burton Joyce in the normal way. You can also make your request online if this is easier or you may able to do this via the NHS App if you are setup with the NHS App. If you need assistance setting up online services please do contact our reception team.  

What should I do if I cannot order my prescription online? 

If you cannot order your prescription online then you should call your practice. If you already have a nominated pharmacy that collects your prescription from the Lowdham site, this will continue with no changes.  

How will I collect my dispensed medication by the practice? 

If you currently collect your dispensed medication from the current Lowdham building, it will now be available for collection at the Apple Tree Surgery. Patients affected by this change should have been contacted directly already by our team. If you need any further information in this regard please do speak with our dispensary team. 

Our dispenser Carol is now working with Lesley at our Apple Tree building to continue to provide our dispensing services to our patients  

If you have any problems collecting or requesting your dispensed medication, please call our reception team on 0115 9312500 as we could arrange for it to be delivered to you  

For patients who collect their dispensed medication from Lambley garage, this service remains in place 

For the near future we are working with the local NHS teams to develop a mobile dispensing service using pandemic vaccination vans to help our patients access the service. 

What should I do if I currently collect my prescription from the Lowdham site? 

If you currently collect your prescription from the Lowdham site these will now be available for collection at the Apple Tree Medical Practice, Wheatsheaf Court, Burton Joyce, NG14 5EA, however, if you would like to nominate a pharmacy to collect your prescription, please let the reception team know. 

What should I do if I currently deliver my medication request slip to the Lowdham site? 

If you currently deliver your medication request slip to the Lowdham site either into the post box or hand it into the receptionist, unfortunately this service has had to be changed. Please deliver your request slip to the Apple Tree Medical Practice, Wheatsheaf Court, Burton Joyce, NG14 5EA. You can post it into the prescription box located on the front gate of the practice which is accessible at all times even when the practice is closed.  

If you have any problems collecting or requesting your prescription, please call our reception team on 0115 931 2500 who will be able to help.  

What will happen to my medical records? 

Your medical records will remain with the Ivy Medical Group to support your ongoing healthcare.  

If I want to register at a different GP practice, am I able to do this? 

Yes, if you would prefer to register with an alternative practice you will be able to do this, so long as the practice covers the area where you live. Details of practices near you can be found on NHS Choices at 

To register, please put in your postcode for a list of your nearest GP practices and contact your chosen practice to ask to register with them. Please wait until after 1 December 2022 before registering with a different GP practice, to allow for the transition process to be completed. 

I have a question or concern that isn’t covered by the information above. What should I do? 

For any general enquiries or help with registering, please contact the NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Patient Experience Team on 0115 8839570 during office hours (between 9am to 5pm) or email 

Who should I contact for my Covid-19 vaccination? – latest advice 

There are plenty of sites offering vaccinations at pharmacies, some GP practices and larger vaccination centres. If you are eligible for an Autumn Booster vaccination, you can book an appointment at the most convenient site for you via 119 or on the NHS website. Walk in venues can be found here.  

Those who are eligible for an Autumn Booster jab include over 50s, carers, pregnant women, frontline health and social care workers and people who are clinically at risk.  

Who should I contact for my Flu jab? 

Please call the Ivy Medical Group on 0115 931 2500 to make an appointment at either Apple Tree or Lambley Lane. You may receive a text message regarding your flu jab, which you can reply to, to book your flu jab.