Top marks for Flu vaccinations 2020-21 and looking forward to Covid-19 vaccinations
~ 2 years ago
11 March 2021

Update to patients on the performance of the 2020-21 Flu vaccination campaign at the Ivy. Next steps for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Throughout the pandemic the practice has continued to deliver primary medical services along side managing the world wide covid-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic has resulted in the need to manage high numbers of unwell patients as well as to support our hospitals with patients discharged with covid-19 and support our community teams with covid-19 hub vaccinations, the practice has continue to work hard to ensure our patients receive the very best health care. Part of this includes work on prevention and screening.

As we come towards the end of our Flu vaccination program for 2020-21 the practice has achieved remarkable vaccination rates for our patients. Compared to the 19 other practices in our CCG area, our teams have achieved the highest percentage of patients vaccinated compared with any other practice. We were number one in our area for achieving the highest percentage of patients vaccinated and the practice vaccinated over 2800 patients over a few months. This is an amazing boost to our teams and we thank our patients for engaging with the practice to ensure as many people as possible are protected.

The practice has been eagerly awaiting authorisation from NHS England to deliver Covid-19 vaccinations to our patients from our own practice sites. We know this is important for our patients as it allows easier access with teams patients know well. To date, we have not been able to undertake Covid-19 vaccinations on our sites as we had not received authorisation from NHS England and we did not have vaccine supply. We are delighted to update our patients on the fact that we have now received authorisation to make a start and vaccine supply is anticipated to be available for the 18th of March 2021.

As such, the practice is now contacting patients to book in those that are eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations for our clinics. We anticipate running ongoing clinics as long as the practice has vaccine supply. Please do not contact our reception teams about Covid-19 vaccination appointments in order to keep our lines free for medical care. Please be assured our administration teams will be in contact with you dependent on eligibility which is set by NHS England.

Once again, we would like to say a big thank you to our patients for their support, engagement and understanding. Together we shall get through.