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Patient Involvement
We are keen to engage our patients in designing the services we provide. Interested? Joint our Patient Participation Group to contribute...

The Ivy Medical Group

"Committed to providing outstanding care, offering the very best, courteous, accessible and responsive services to all of our patients, families and carers."

The Ivy Medical Group has been established in Burton Joyce and Lowdham since 2006. We look after approximately just over 7200 patients located in Burton Joyce, Lowdham and surrounding villages. We are a training practice for the University of Nottingham and are active in supporting our local health community. Our vision is to provide the very best primary medical services with a focus on family health and continuity of care. Our medical and nursing team have a wide variety of expertise and experience in providing holistic care. Our practice is actively involved in the commissioning of local health care committed to ensuring the very highest quality of care for our patients.

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Practice News

By The Ivy Medical Group

Wuhan Novel Coronavirus

February 16th 2020
Coronavirus Information
10 days ago

Flu Vaccination Season 2019

September 13th 2019
Flu vaccine overview
5 months ago

Extra evening and weekend appointments available in local area.

September 27th 2018
You can now book routine GP and Nurse appointments in the evening, at weekends and over bank holidays in your local area.
a year ago

Lambley Lane Surgery now reopen for patients.

May 13th 2018
Lambley Lane Surgery has now reopened for use by our patients. Repairs remain ongoing.
2 years ago

Lambley Lane Surgery suffers fire damage.

May 7th 2018
Fire in Burton Joyce spreads to damage the Lambley Lane Surgery site resulting in temporary closure of that site. All services remain unaffected and our other remaining sites are open and functioning normally.
2 years ago

Merger Completed

March 14th 2018
The Ivy Medical Group and Apple Tree Medical Practice have now completed Merger
2 years ago

Merging Together

November 2nd 2017
The Ivy Medical Group and Apple Tree Medical Practice are planning to merge
2 years ago

NHS News

By NHS Choices

Is it easier to burn off a big breakfast than a big dinner?

February 20th 2020
"Eat a big breakfast to lose weight fast – you'll 'burn twice as many calories'," reports The Sun.
5 days ago

Western-style diet may impair memory and encourage unhealthy eating

February 19th 2020
"Researchers find a western-style diet can impair brain function," reports The Guardian on a study that looked at the cognitive effects of eating a high fat, high sugar diet.
6 days ago

No proof that the Mediterranean diet reduces frailty in older age

February 18th 2020
Despite positive reports, secondary analysis study provides no proof that eating a Mediterranean diet directly reduces frailty or improves memory.
7 days ago

Skin cancer "more common" among gay and bisexual men

February 13th 2020
A survey of 845,264 men and women in the US found that men who said they were gay or bisexual were more likely to have been diagnosed with skin cancer than straight (heterosexual) men.
12 days ago

Light activity may improve mental health for teenagers

February 12th 2020
More time spent doing light activity at age 12 to 16 has been linked to lower depression scores at age 18, while more time spent sitting still was linked to higher depression scores.
13 days ago

Can a single injection prevent cervical cancer?

February 11th 2020
"Cervical cancer could be prevented with a single injection," reports The Independent. This is based on a study that looked at the impact of different numbers of doses of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in more than 130,000 women in the US.
14 days ago

Could a new study give hope for earlier diagnosis of cancer?

February 6th 2020
"Signs of cancer can appear long before diagnosis, study shows," reports The Guardian on a study that looked at 2,658 tumour samples and 38 cancer types.
19 days ago

Red meat and processed food 'not back on the menu' according to new review

February 4th 2020
"Eating pork or beef twice a week raises risk of heart disease, according to study," the Mail Online reports.
22 days ago

Study claims a common food compound could lower dementia risk

February 3rd 2020
"Drinking tea and red wine with plenty of kale could slash the risk of Alzheimer's disease," reports the Mail Online.
22 days ago
Burton Joyce
Lambley Lane Surgery
6 Lambley Lane
Burton Joyce
United Kingdon
NG14 5BG
P:0115 9312500

Opening Times:

Monday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Tuesday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Wednesday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Thursday08.15 12.3014.00 18.30
Friday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Burton Joyce
Apple Tree Surgery
4 Wheatsheaf Court
Burton Joyce
United Kingdon
NG14 5EA
P:0115 9312929

Opening Times:

Monday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Tuesday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Wednesday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Thursday08.15 12.30closed
Friday08.15 13.0014.00 18.30
Lowdham Medical Centre
Francklin Road
United Kingdon
NG14 7BG
P:0115 9664120

Opening Times:

Monday08.15 12.3014.00 18.30
Tuesday08.15 12.3014.00 18.30
Wednesday08.15 12.3014.00 18.30
Thursday08.15 12.30Closed
Friday08.15 12.3014.00 18.30
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